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Hi everyone, here I am again, putting up my commissions. 

I am in a pinch (when am I not?). I just finished college (yay me!) and have accumulated $14K in debt (not bad I know compared to other places, but still)!

On top of that, I need to pay my father $300/mo in rent while trying to save up to move out! Neat-o right? Completely logical.

My biggest problem though, is where I live - location wise. Nova Scotia. Out of the four Atlantic provinces (PEI, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and here) we have it good, an unemployment rate of 9.3%, the lowest of the four.

However for the rest of Canada, we’re struggling. The Atlantic provinces have been struggling for years, long before I was born and worsening since. 

Now, I’m not trying to say ‘Oh I have it so bad!!” No. I know that there are people out there that are struggling for jobs and money etc just as badly or even worse. I’m not ignorant to that.

But I search for a job on our local jobbank everyday. Unfortunately the local jobs are all snatched up and the rest I am overqualified or have no experience so I’m not even considered.

"But Kathryn, why don’t you travel for a job? / Apply for Employment Insurance?" well young ones, I would. If I had a car. Which I do not. And EI? Nope. I need a minimum of 910 hours to qualify.

I worked somewhere around 780-840.

I’m sure we’re all aware of the vicious cycle. Mine happens to be:

No money  ∴ no car  ∴ no job  ∴ no money etc etc

So I need a little boost in the right direction. And that’s where I REALLY need you guys to chip in. Whether it be in commissioning or passing along this post.

If you are interested you can send me this form:

Username / Paypal E-mail: 
Type of Commission: (Sketch, Line, Pixel, Chibi, Halfbody, Fullbody etc)
Colouring: (Flat Color, Full Color)
Character(s): (How many and who they are)
Description: (Write what you would want. What you imagine. The style/theme/mood/atmosphere of the image you want. Anything to make me get it as close as you can. Talk of the characters, their expressions, poses. etc.)
References: (link to pictures of characters, poses, etc.)
Credits: (Tell me who owns what you want me to draw so I am able to credit properly when posting)
Extra: (Anything else you’d wish to say or add)
Total Cost: 

These are my guidelines:

Will do:

  • Any fandom
  • OCs
  • FCs
  • Genderbends
  • Anthropomorphism/Personification

Won’t do:

  • Real people (I may make some exceptions for this one.)
  • Porn/Smut
  • Mecha
  • Animals

*** I will start the commission, and show you the sketch. You can then pay me and I will finish. You can also suggest changes or tell me how to fix it. 

Thank you ;;;;;;

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